вівторок, вересня 20, 2011

Я - хипстер среди бургеров

прошла Бургер-тест

Your result is "Hipster-Burger"
You are very laid back and rarely lose your cool. Last-minute guests for dinner – no sweat. Life is too short for you to stress out about the small stuff. You have a flair for mixing and matching your dishes and making a masterpiece out of whatever is in the fridge, so your guests don’t even realize when you throw together a meal on the fly. Your compassion and sensitivity are unwavering. People trust you and feel they can open up to you about their emotions, especially over a meal and a bottle of wine.
Your burger recipe is: the Magic Mushroom Burger.
Your wine pairing is: Zinfandel

Please note that you could have a dominant burger personality with subtle hints of others. You could easily be a Hipster-Burger with Nurture-Burger tendencies. So, embrace your inner burger and always remember, "if the bun fits, wear it."
Поскольку я не люблю бургеры, но готовлю, считаю результат валидным, тест надёжным, устойчивым и внутренне согласованым.

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